C# Coroutines and Fibers... Take 2...

I know I just posted yesterday about the topic. But I spent more time thinking and reading on the topic and have put together an implementation of coroutines in c# that is closer to what I want for my game scripting engine.

I looked into a few options including async/await bur decided to stick with the enumerator approach as the starting point for my coroutines. The two main issues that I had with the approach was the need to serialize the objects on the coroutine stack and the lack of ability to yield within a sub-function.

After a some thinking, I was able to find a way to solve the sub-function problem and minimize the impact of the object serialization...

Scripting Threads via Coroutines

For my scripting engine, I want to introduce the concept of script threads so objects can update themselfs in a semi-asynchronious manner. There is three main criterias I am trying to achieve...

Voxy Progress Update - And Happy Easter ;)

It has been a little while since I posted. I have been trucking along on my game engine.


Voxy - Beginings of a Network Layer

With the limited luck I had with ZoidCom and all this time spent writing my own C# wrapper, I moved on and decided to implement something similar on my own. This post will go over some of what I've implemented and learned so far...


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