Voxy - Beginings of a Network Layer

With the limited luck I had with ZoidCom and all this time spent writing my own C# wrapper, I moved on and decided to implement something similar on my own. This post will go over some of what I've implemented and learned so far...

The Roslyn .NET Compiler is Now Open Source.

Microsoft has just released the new .Net compiler (Roslyn) as an open source project. Nice to hear, was looking forward to an update since I am using their solution for Voxy's scripting solution.

Adaptive Texture Space Shading

libRocket Snag and More Thoughts on Scripting

  • 03/29/2014
  • Sebastien St-Laurent
  • Software

I have hit somewhat of a snag with UI development using libRocket. Trying to unload a document, my own decorators never get unloaded. Doing some reading online, it would appear libRocket has a certain number of significant bugs and memory leaks.

So this means if I want to stick to libRocket, I would have to take on the codebase and fix whatever relevant bugs I find. In essence, I am back to square one and am contemplating writing my own solution at this point since I am not finding anything that meets my needs.

Before I start debating the architecture for new UI system, I thought I should sit down and nail down the scripting system architecture as this may have an impact on some of the design choices for the UI system...


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