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C#: Serializing an Iterator

This post is mostly for my own reference but the code below comes from a dead link and wanted to keep this code around so I pulled it out of the web archives. Essentially, the code below handles the serialization of an IEnumarator and can rehydrate its state by manually serializing its fields. 

Links page updated.

Updated the links page to show the Pintrest boards I have been using to track various rendering papers.

New Release: NTFSBuddy 1.0.2, Fast NTFS Disk analyzer and cleaner.

I have just re-released a new version of NTFSBuddy, a tool I wrote a little back to quickly scan availble disk space on NTFS drive and be able to quickly locate where the disk space is being used and to clean up more room.

OculusSharp C# Wrapper for the Oculus Rift CAPI Version 0.4

I have just pushed an updated version of the OculusSharp wrapper for version 0.4.0 Beta of the OculusRift SDK. 


OculusSharp C# Wrapper for the Oculus Rift C++

With the arrival expected arrival of my DK2 within the next month, I decided to spend a little more time on the Oculus wrapper and started implementing a wrapper for the C++ API.

Right now, i've focused on device API but there is still some more work to do and I have not tested any of it yet.

I've also opened up my source in a public Git repository so anyone can contribute.